Vegetarian Nigiri (2pcs)

Inari 5.00
Marinated bean-curd pouch

Grilled Nasu 5.00
Grilled Japanese eggplant

Asparagus Tempura 5.00
Asparagus tempura with curry sauce

Green Bean Tempura 5.00
Green bean tempura with spicy sauce

Vegetarian Rolls (6pcs rolls or 1pc handroll)

Avocado 5.00

Kappa 5.00
Japanese cucumber

Yamagobo 5.00
Pickled burdock

Takuan 5.00
Pickled Japanese radish

Ume Shiso 5.00
Pickled plum with shiso leaf

Kanpyo 5.00
Marinated gourd strip

Shiitake 5.00
Shiitake mushroom

Natto 5.00
Fermented soybeans

Vegetarian Special Rolls

Spicy Veggie Tempura 8.95
Tempura yam, green beans, zucchini, carrot, and jalapenos topped with sweet chili sauce

Steamed Veggie 7.00
Broccoli, carrot, greenbeans, and pumpkin wrapped in rice paper topped with soy garlic cilantro vinagrette

Popeye 6.00
Spinach, sesame sauce and shiitake mushroom

Veggie Dragon 8.95
Green bean tempura wrapped with Japanese eggplant, avocado layers topped with green onion, ginger, and sweet sauce

Veggie Crunch 8.95
Cucumber, avocado, shitake, kaiware, and shiso all wrapped in tempura flakes

Vegetarian 7.00
Cucumber, avocado, carrot, lettuce, and sprouts

Vegetarian Combination

Veggie Combo 22.00
Inari, shiitake, grilled Japanese eggplant, ocean salad nigiri, with a vegetable tempura roll and avocado and cucumber roll


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