Face to face, Long distance via Skype or Picture.

[ Session ]
Chakura Balancing, チャクラバランス: 60min $80
Qi Supplement, 氣の補完: 60min $80
Healing, 治療: 60min $150, 120min $250
Removing Blockage, ブロックの解放: 60min $150, 120min $250
Reading Your Soul, 魂のテンプレート: 120min $380
Purifying, 浄霊: $1500
Special, 特別手法: $6600

[ Class ]
Nedian (Kijyuku), 内丹法(気塾): Once per week 45min $50(週一回のクラス)
Qigong, 氣功: Once per week 45min $60(週一回のクラス)
Life Coaching, 人生のコーチング: 3month $5500

[ Goods ]
Let’s Make Your Miso T-Shirt, 味噌づくりTシャツ: $25

What is a heal?

What is a heal? I have been looking for this answer for long time. Eastern massage, Western massage, Qi-gong, Reiki, Esoteric buddhism, etc… there are huge technique in this world and all great works. It came to be realized while I concerned with these works, “how precious approach into patient energy”, “how deep approach put the effects.”

We all have a self healing system, like heal your finger wound anytime. Human body is able to deeply self heal especially after untangle stuck energy line, because physical and mental stage is just a result of your energy line. I’m having a gut feeling that radical curing method required to heal your energy state.