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What is Super Healing Movie?

This "Super Healing" Series is no sound FREE Healing Movie on my YouTube Channel, like a color ball videos. Just play this video then provides huge Qi energy come through to your body, mind, room, home and around your energy field while you sleep, study, in the yoga, or anytime for your comfortable moment.

These Video are programed by Sattee who is a Qigong Master, he put it huge Qi Energy into this Videos plus access to your subconsciousness and rewriting, removing any blockage with each video theme.

These Video are not just relax healing videos, these video are so powerful energy compression ball, and will strongly makes shift your reality life, big change for your energy field and body.

If you are a sensitive as energy, you will feel it. But as a same time, please be care for and care it, these video are may not easy for you, especially if you have so much energy stuck and blockage in your subconsciousness, your first detox, reaction, shifting process may so much hard for you.

These Video are makes you good and deep sleep, purifying, clean your energy, great memory, healing your inner child, remove your money blockages, makes your wish come true and so much more...

# Qi energy of these movies are always checking and updated as a necessary.
# It will be all void effect if you play without this channel, like download, copy, duplicate, transfer, or etc...

How to Use?

Just simply play this video while you are in sleep, just in case, please use silence mode for using because some ads will be played. You do not necessary to watch, just play around you that's works, best way to use while you are in sleep, because you'll see full of energy after your wake up.

Original Version and 1hour Version.

Original Version

Original version is 11hour playtime, which is you can play all the time while you are sleep, and you can also multiple tub play, back ground play as well, you can enjoy so many video as much as you like.

1HR Version

1hour version is 1hour playtime, this made for you can make playlist by yourself as your choice, if you are a 8 hours sleep person, you can make 8 hours playlist as your choice, if you need some movie 2 hours or 3 hours, you can put it on your playlist double or triple that will be 2 or 3 hours play. And I'm really appreciate it if your playlist will be share and/or public. Enjoy your customized sleep playlist! Play and Fun as much as you Like!!!!


Please do not play while your drive because you may sleep. This healing is only works on this YouTube Channel and online, because I'm frequently checking and updating this video energy.

Super Healing Q & A

This is all Q and A of Super Healing YouTube Movie(YouTube content has text limitation)

Q: Any less effect if adjust brightness or some cover for the movie?

A: Not at all.

Q: Any less effect if mirror or project to the TV screen?

A: Not at all.

Q: Can I cover to the movie by cloth or anything? And no any less effect?

A: Yes, you can cover to the movie and nothing any less effect, totally properly works. Basically doesn't any effect from any objects.

Q: How long effective accurate distance from the movie?

A:It's totally depends on the person, so unfortunately I can not tell you exactly accurate distance number. Tendency to be honest and innocence people has more wide range than opposite people, less blockage makes more powerful effect and wide range.

Q: For example, if play super movie at living room, is that possible to any effect to the next bed room?

A: Yes, it's possible. If the person's distance is correct, it's totally works. Basically doesn't matter any objects or not for the energy.

Q: Which one is more powerful effect between to object for the big TV screen and small mobile screen?

A: Bigger screen is more powerful effect than smaller screen.

Q: Which one is more powerful effect between believing for energy and not?

A:This is not only for the these movies story, everything are same. Tendency to be believing people is more effective and more powerful than others, because your intension/consciousness is most powerful than any others. This example may easy for your imagination that believing people has following wind, unbelieving people has unfavorable wind.

Q: I have to play until end of the movie? Otherwise less effect or no effect?

A: Not at all, you can play as much as you like, long time play, short time play, enjoy as much as you like.

Q: I love these super movie series but some of the movies are not comfortable for me, is that has any reason?

A: Everything doesn't have good and bad, that's decided totally by yourself. Consciously or unconsciously you check with your subconsciousness and give a meaning to in your mind. If you feel "uncomfortable, feel not good, dislike, etc..." that's all signs with your blockage reacted.

For extreme example, if you have zero blockage, you can accept anything and nothing uncomfortable react. If you have uncomfortable movie which means you have a chance to release these blockage from that movie, and especially this is perfectly suitable for that.

But, I'm not would like to force to watch this movie for removing your blockage, and this is not only for this movie, same as all of your life reality situation. If you feel uncomfortable, one of best choice is "make distance" from that. Change the word, your choice is all the best for your life currently situation, so please be confident as much as you can!!

Q: Do I have to actually watch this movie all the time?

A:Not at all, you don't need to watch all that time.

Q: Should I not play this movie with driving?

A: Please do not play with driving because you may strongly sleep.

Q: How many hours have to play this movies for the feeling effect?

A: It depends on the person, who has deeper blockage need more hours, and not any negative effect if play so much.

Q: I'm worry about electromagnetic wave for my health.

A: I programed to subconsiousness and manage the earth of electromagnetic wave.

Q: I'm hear about some sound and/or sutra while play these videos, what is that?

A: These are all no sound movies, but sometimes you may have some variety of symptom when you play these movie with processing remove blockage and clean your energy.

Q: I'm feeling bad as I play these movies, is that cleansing reaction?

A: These movies are not for only relax purpose, these movies will change/move your energy, mind body and will shift your reality life, which means these movies has huge amount of energy which is impossible exist on this world, plus as same time access to your subconsciousness and rewriting your information, removing your blockage.

There for you may have huge energy pressure for your mind and body, potentially strong cleansing reaction. Especially who has sensitive energy person, you may need more time to get used to it, but all or these symptom are temporary reaction. You'll feel so much liter body and mind after detoxing and done of energy shifting.

Q: Is that same effect if I play multiple tub browsing as same time and/or background play multiple movies?

A: Yes that all possible and all same effect. Doesn't necessary to watch these movies, plus multiple play movies makes you more effective because you'll get more effect more play movie even background play. I'm also multiple background play these movies when I sleep in the night.

Q: Is that same effect play this video with installed block advertisement program or using some app and play this video?

A:I'm afraid to say that this video is my provides healing session using YouTube, so it's not free session, you are watching video with advertisement, I'll receive session fee as advertisement fee from YouTube, also YouTube is happy!

If you block the add that's break this triangle fair trade except official YouTube provide service. So these video programed only effect with simply YouTube official play style. It doesn't matter if you play any media such as PC, smartphone, TV, etc.

Q: Why you are checking this video's energy and exchange/adjust as necessary?

A: Energy is like a water, Best status is following/circulating, plus suitable energy is difference between each era/year/time line. So I'm ckecking/adjusting/exchangeing as a necessary.

Q: Why you programed as a void effect with playing other YouTube channel, or download/copy/duplicate play?

A: I'm always check and update this video's energy, it's so hard to do update and check if accepted downloads/copy/duplicate/play other YouTube channel. I prevent to stop all this happen "third person will get benefit/business/old version energy spread out and staying on all of the world even after updated it".

Q: Why you put it advertisement on healing movie?

A: I'm providing healing session using this YouTube system to the more than thousand people as same time, better than one to one (I and client) healing session, client watch my healing movie with advertisement, I receive session fee as advertisement fee from YouTube, and YouTube is also happy, which is everybody is happy!! I created/discovered this system first time of the world.

Q: You put it so many advertisement, why you do that?

A: I created this system using my healing ability, experience and idea. I spent so many time and work for this. Some people are actually saying that "Healing people should not receive the money", especially in Japan culture is. Healing=No receiving money=Virtue.

I seriously thinking that this is not equal idea in the world wide. We born in this world with actual physical body, and this body needs food which means we needs food or money for buying some foods to the life. This is no border idea and theory, everybody have same physical body system even difference culture/country/sexuality/human kind/religion/rank/position/job kind.

And also I think receiving money is great things, the important point is how to use your money, which means how to circulate the money to the world. The money's nature/charactor is exactly same as Qi energy and also same as some waters, which is "staying one place for the long time, it will be unclear/dirty/muddy/cloudy". The money is necessary for everybody, but if you kept thinking about that "The Healer has to not receive money", I'll not deny your idea, I'm really appreciate rather than deny, because even so you are watching this video and thank you for reading this Q and A section till end.

Have a super wonderful day for all of the people of the world and universe.

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