World of Great Healers!!

This is a super unique YouTube radio show, interview to greatest healers who living on this earth. Speaking with Japanese and hopefully somebody translate to English and more other language are super welcome (on free YouTube function).

Concept of this radio show which is “A Human”, It’s already full of greatest radio show and perfect interview on the earth, we are all human, and nobody is perfect, I just talk with super famous or not famous yet person, just like friendly and joking teasing laughing raid back around, just showing face of we (who has super natural power six sense psychic and famous beautiful smart funny talented or totally not) are all simply human. Everybody has ego and dark part, and great wonderful smile.

04: Funny Person Seiko, San Leandro CA

Somehow Seiko is a always funny person, even talk about just simply daily life.

03: Access Bars Facilitator Hiroko, Oakland CA

Hiroko talk about access bars and what is a purpose for our life.

02: Healer Junichi, Kamakura Japan

Junichi talk about how to improve living with messy house and trouble with human relationship.

01: Medium Meiko, New York NY

Meiko talk and real live session as medium, real contact to my past away ex boyfriend, and inspect of this session after recording.

Sattee on YouTube

Sattee on Radio Show “Oishi Holistic”