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Did you know that everyone is able to make the world happier? If you make one person happy, the world becomes a little happier, and if you make two people happy, the world becomes even happier. It’s doesn’t matter if you spend money or not, just show kindness in your daily life, and this will create positive energy, which will begin to heal you and your partner as well as the world.

I thought that I would like to make a simple service through which I could happily give and receive services with a oneness of heart. Between you and me, there is no border, which means that you are me and I am you. Thus, with this idea in mind, I think that it is possible to make you and me happier and, thus, to heal the world.




Sattee Fujimoto

I was born in 1975 in Osaka, JAPAN and moved to Miyagi prefecture in 2001, Tokyo in 2004, San Francisco in 2005, New York in 2007, Madison in 2010, Maui Island in 2013, and then back to San Francisco in 2014.

Like a light towards to my forehead all the time, more deeply felt about energy after just cured my immune disease, I strive to understand about this happen to my body, met some masters of Oriental medicine, Shiatsu, Massage, Qi-gong, Naidan, Channeling, Esoteric Buddhism, Healing, and here I am.



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