Shiatsu Holiday, a donation-based shiatsu day-event on 12/29 and 12/30!!

投稿日:12/28/2018 更新日:

My friend Tomo will have a donation-based shiatsu day-event on Saturday, Dec 29th at 12pm-7pm. Sunday, Dec 30th at 12pm-5pm at Tera-koya.

Releasing the daily stress, getting a deep relaxation, recovering the physical and the mental resilience by taking our shiatsu session for the coming new year of 2019.

+ Appointment: 347-678-0092 (Tomo)
+ Address: 615 Hancock St. Brooklyn NY 11233 (getting off at Utica Ave of A, C train walk 7 min, or Gates Ave of J train walk 8-9min.)
+ Therapists: Sakiko Mori, Tomoko Dojima, Tomohiko Yokoyama.
+ Website:

If anybody interested please check it out!!



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