Let’s start a giving ちょっぴりはじめてみよう

投稿日:04/20/2015 更新日:

Let’s receive any product or property from someone, have to get any service and item more than payment, if someone intent to receive more than giving, could be someone manage in all that moment, but someone will lose a huge from seeing in the long run. Then how about opposite situation? Let’s share with something yours, let’s pay more than your receiving service or product with appreciate heart, if someone intent to give more than someone’s receiving with appreciation, looks like loosing in this moment but somehow certain sure someone will receive huge in the future, plus swells dozens of times.

I understand that this is the nature. Basically any positive or negative energy are one’s export will swells huge of times then come back to original location. If blame the people will swells dozens of times, appreciate will swells dozens of times, love will swells dozens of times, and always moving energy is first then event is following in this universe. Yes, we are all connect through energy which is not visible to the eye. Somehow thinking and sensing is always keep traveling mechanism even someone is not visible or sensible, in other words we are all the one.

This is a one of able to learn from many energy works in common, plus already known throughout in ancient period. Please do not extreme behavior like give all your property to your next door’s mom just in case. (laugh)






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