A horn rabbit 兎に角

投稿日:02/23/2015 更新日:

OMG, seriously reading this “Japanese Kanji: A horn rabbit = Reading: Tonikaku = Means: By the way”? I can’t wait for searching how came it to be so? Fist of all, “Reading: To = Means: In that way”, “Reading: Kaku = Means: In this way”, in total “Means: Various things” comes out to “Means: By the way”. Second of all, Souseki Netsume who is famous Japanese novel writer also he is printed on current Japanese 1000 yen, he used so many times “Tonikaku” with Buddhism terminology Kanji “A horn rabiit” as a phonetic equivalent to his novels, that’s makes to be know to all. Wow~, I feel like I became so wise but may could be a little bit late to know as age 40?





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