Pass a timeless notice 時を超える回覧板

投稿日:02/02/2015 更新日:

Everybody looks/sounds so young on TV or radio, active on the front lines. I finally recognized which I’m just simply older than them, no way! It’s a second come this feeling, like hight school base ball player looks like all adult when I was a small, but suddenly came this feeling “they are just young boys”. Even so have I lived in 40 years sure? could be about 30 years? Speaking of which looks really fun Bonsai recent, maybe 40 years influence in here? I guess my left of life is so jet. I see, that’s why I’d like to tell to kids “Time is so fly, life is so quick.” I received so many times this quotation as I was small, and now I almost saying same thing, OMG.




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