Feels like Marty 気分はマーティ

投稿日:02/28/2014 更新日:

(Source of photo: http://www.backtothefuture.com)

Finally arrived Electric skate board (with remote), I feel like somebody in the movie “Back to the feature”! but in reality, it’s too heavy and it’s not easy to carry on bus. The some street situation are not able to run, I have to grab it and walk but 20m=65ft is my limit. Remote also easy to out of range and no control often. Well, I can wait a bit more “Back to the feature”.

通勤通学に電動スケボー(リモコン操作)を購入しました。気分は映画「Back to the feature」!が、思っていたよりも重くバスにのせるのが一苦労。でこぼこみちや人ごみの道は手でかつがなくちゃだけど重くて25mかついで歩くのが限界。リモコンもすぐに操作可能エリアをそれてしまいたびたびコントロール不能に。う〜ん。「back to the feature」はもう少し先の未来かも。



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